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Move over Android, China has a new cloud-based phone!

Android and iOS phones may be gaining traction around the world, but after three years of development, Alibaba thinks there’s room in China for another smartphone platform. The company is launching its mobile platform, Aliyun, on the K-Touch W700 handset later this month.

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Google VP: Why Google+ requires real names

A Google VP has apparently weighed in on the controversy over why Google+, still in its infancy following its arrival in late June, requires members to use their real names on the social network.

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AP source: Apple considering Hulu bid

Apple Inc. is in talks to potentially bid for video-streaming service Hulu, according to a person close to the situation.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to talk about the matter.

An acquisition of Hulu could bolster Apple’s iTunes store, which provides videos users can rent or buy, and help it compete with Netflix Inc. Hulu offers a subscription streaming service. It also brings in revenue from ads that accompany content it streams to users free-of-charge.

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Graph: How long it took Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to reach 10 million users

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Why did Nokia Symbian smartphone sales crash this year? Infographic

Nokia reported results for the second quarter of 2011, and they are terrible. As expected. Did you expect anything better? You shouldn’t. It is perfectly clear now that Nokia has been disrupted by Android and iPhone, and there’s not much they can do this year to make things any better.

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Google+ hits 20 million users in less than a month

Google+ continues to go from strength to strength, with 20 million people visiting the site in less than a month – and all this despite it currently being an invite-only service.

Google Plus CirclesGoogle+ may still have some way to go to equal Facebook’s 700 million users and Twitter’s 200 million, but 20 million unique visitors to the new social networking site in the space of just three weeks isn’t a bad way to start. Of the 20 million, five million were inside the US.

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UbuntuOne hits Android

u1-logo (1)

Canonical adds cloud storage service and streaming cloud music to Android platform.

It was probably inevitable but Canonical, backers of Ubuntu Linux, has released its UbuntuOne online storage service for Android devices. Not only that but there is also UbuntuOne Music, a streaming music service.

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Un faux Apple Store découvert en Chine

faux apple storeUn faux Apple Store a été découvert par une expatriée américaine dans la ville de Kunming, située dans la province du Yunnan au sud de la Chine. Calqué en tous points sur les boutiques d’Apple, dont il reprend le mobilier, le code vestimentaire des vendeurs (t-shirt bleu frappé d’une pomme blanche, badge gris au cou), le logo et l’agencement des produits, ce magasin ne figure pas dans la liste des quatre Apple Store officiels ouverts dans le pays. Les employés sont pourtant convaincus de travailler pour Apple, affirme la blogueuse, qui s’est entretenue avec plusieurs d’entre eux et a mis en ligne une série de photos.

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Anonymous prétend avoir piraté des bases de données de l’OTAN

Sur le site de micromessagerie Twitter, le collectif explique disposer de un gigaoctet de données, mais affirme qu’il serait « irresponsable » de publier la plupart d’entre elles. Anonymous renvoie toutefois vers un document d’une dizaine de pages, au format PDF, avec l’en-tête « confidentiel OTAN ».

Le groupe dit avoir utilisé une simple « injection SQL » pour réaliser son piratage. Cette technique consiste à exploiter une faille, par exemple des formulaires d’un site Web, pour injecter un code malveillant directement dans une base de données, et obtenir l’accès à des parties protégées sur le site.

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Dell quietly pulls the Streak to perform an update, might bring it back next month?


What Dell can give, it can taketh away. That’s the story with the Streak, which has quietly vanished from retail as well as the outfit’s online storefront. We first got wind of this when a tipster wrote in to say he had spoken to a company employee, who said the 5-inch Android tablet / phone had been discontinued. Lire la suite sur Engadget